ADA Compliant Portable Toilet is also specialized in renting out ADA compliant portable toilets which are suitable in meeting the sanitary needs of physically challenged and also children who need their parents to assist while using toilets. Built as per Americans with Disabilities Act norms, these ADA Compliant Portable Toilets are very convenient for handicapped and children while attending any outdoor event.

Larger, higher and wider in dimensions and tagged with a handlebar all through the interior, it’s easy for wheelchaired people to access the toilets. Dimensions of this ADA Complaint Portable Toilet are 7′-8′ wide x 7′-8′ long x 7′-8′ high. Unlike the routine portable restrooms, this ADA compliant portable toilet has waterless hand sanitizer for the exclusive use of handicapped. It meets the declaration of ‘Accessible by handicapped and children’.

Larger inner space, free from the hassle of manual locking because of the presence of magnetic doors and extra features in favor of handicapped and children – all together form the super new ADA Compliant Portable Toilet available with for rent. Our Wheelchair Accessible portable toilets and ADA Compliant portable toilets allow you to offer bathroom facilities to anyone who requires this type of toilet, even when there is no plumbing or sewer available.


How much does it cost to rent a Handicap porta potty?

Renting a Handicap porta potty is easy at Leading Rental, customers can request for a free quote before renting a Unit. The rental price depends on the location, types of use and the rental duration. Request a free quote or talk to one of our friendly expert team members to get more details about a  rental price.

At Leading Rental we offer lowest ever dumpster rental price to our customers, call now at (888) 434-9956.

Note: Rental units, including color and make, will vary from location to location. Co-Operative service providers will attempt to accommodate certain special requests.