Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is a Damage Waiver?

The optional damage waiver program protects renters from having to pay expensive replacement costs due to theft, vandalism or accidents. The damage waiver also protects renters from lost or stolen equipment (police report required). To learn more about damage waiver protection please contact our customer service center at 888-434-9956.

How do I cancel service?

To cancel service and schedule a pickup please contact our customer service center at 888-434-9956. To assist in locating your account, please have your customer number and/or Sales order number handy. Upon completion of your request, a cancelation number will be provided to ensure service has been stopped and a pickup work order has been issued.

How is the waste disposal of?

Unlike traditional home bathrooms, portable restrooms utilize a plastic holding tank which temporarily traps waste water until a licensed service technician can dispose of it properly. Holding tanks eliminate the need for expensive plumbing and allow these types of restrooms to be placed almost anywhere. When it’s time for your restroom to be serviced, the holding tank is pumped dry by using a state-of-the-art pumper truck. This truck is equipped with the proper tools needed to safely remove the waste and transport it to a water treatment facility where it can be disposed of properly.


When should I place my order?

Although we are one of the largest portable restroom providers, we have had been sold out at times. For this reason alone we encourage renters to book as soon as possible, especially for specialty equipment like restroom trailers and shower trailers or for those requesting an AM or PM delivery. This will ensure your product is available and delivered at the right time.

How Many Uses are Available before the Restroom Holding Tank Fills?

Typically, porta potties contain a 50-60 gallon holding tank, and will fill up after 90-100 uses.

How Many Porta Potties do I need for my Construction Project?

It is recommended that there be at least 1 portable toilet per 10 workers through an 8-10 hour workday. It is recommended that the unit be serviced and pumped weekly or bi-weekly.